Jeremy Knoll

Wireless Systems Bureau Manager & Statewide Interoperability Coordinator
Arizona Department of Public Safety
Jeremy Knoll is the Wireless Systems Bureau Manager with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and is also the Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (SWIC) for the State of Arizona. Mr. Knoll leads teams of communications professionals that design, construct, and maintain the state's extensive public safety communications network that federal, state, county, and local public safety users utilize for their day-to-day activities. He also assists in the field with his communications expertise on many department special operations, multi-agency operations, disaster training exercises, teaching All Hazards Communication Unit Leaders, and as a subject matter expert in investigations involving electronic communications equipment. Mr. Knoll is a Governor-appointed member of the Arizona Department of Homeland Security’s Senior Advisory Council, a member of the executive committee for the National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (NCSWIC), and sits on a number of other communications working groups/committees.