2022 Event Schedule

Our schedule is designed to answer today’s pressing communications questions central to emergency and non-emergency operations. We know that interest and concerns vary within all organizations. Our breakout sessions will be specific to the three audience tracks: Administration and Leadership, Technical Support Teams, and the end user. In addition, we will have a grants-focused presentation, as well as opportunities for dedicated one-on-one assistance to answer your burning grants questions!

Our Speakers

Industry leaders, in addition to your peers who can speak firsthand to their FirstNet experiences, are coming together at the Vision 2023 FirstNet Summit in order to bring FirstNet to life. We want your questions to be answered and your experience with us to broaden your understanding of the future of emergency communications and the role FirstNet will play. You will have direct access to all of our speakers, ensuring a personal experience like no other.

Dave Buchanan

Director of Public Safety Engagement
First Responder Network Authority

Chuck Dowd

Retired Assistant Police Chief

Ryan Fields-Spack

Director, Public Safety Strategy and Policy, Response Operations Group
FirstNet Program at AT&T

Josh Lober


Chris Moore

Chief of Police (Ret.)

Alexander Popof

Chief Operating Officer
Visual Labs, Inc.

Matt Walsh

AVP Product Management and Development - FirstNet and NG 9-1-1
FirstNet Program at AT&T

Summit Section Abstracts

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The FirstNet Framework

Every component of the FirstNet apparatus contributes to the fortitude and longevity of our Nation’s only fully dedicated public safety broadband network, especially the ongoing contributions from the first responders who use it. During this session, attendees will gain valuable insights into the history, statutory oversight, performance-based target outcomes, and why the overall FirstNet reinvestment strategy will benefit them and their communities.

Network Status, Security and Safeguarding Data

Administrators, IT specialists, and first responders all require a secure and reliable broadband network. Attendees will learn how the significant and measurable security features of FirstNet sets it apart from any other commercial networks, as well as how it can improve communications – daily and emergency – for all end users.

Responder Safety and Wellness

FirstNet doesn’t just want to provide first responders with an unprecedented broadband network and ecosystem. Another top priority of FirstNet is the health and wellness of public safety’s greatest asset – the people. FirstNet works closely with application and hardware developers in creating cutting-edge capabilities in monitoring and measuring vital health metrics, which will be featured in this session. 

Local Control/FirstNet Central

FirstNet wants to put you in the driver’s seat. Having control of your network use, unprecedented access to network status information, and the ability to uplift and prioritize responders who are invaluable to your incident response are all unique features to FirstNet. This session will take attendees through all of the FirstNet Central control panel features, allowing you to optimize the network’s use. 

Leveraging Your Ecosystem

FirstNet provides the perfect platform for supporting a purpose-built ecosystem comprise of applications and hardware designed to tackle your response challenges. Public Safety has risen to the heights of hundreds of software and hardware developers’ priority list with the advent of FirstNet. This session will feature several of FirstNet’s ecosystem partners who will showcase their products, in addition to the first responders who use them. Learn more about what is available and how it can be leveraged to completement the work being done by the first responders in your community.

Situational Awareness

Sound and reliable communications are the lynchpin to situational awareness. By leveraging consistently available priority and preemption for not only voice, but data as well, FirstNet users have the ability to share arrival reports and updates, supported by video, photos, and more. Attendees will partake in a grand overview of the key applications and hardware, in addition to case studies supporting, up to the moment situational awareness during critical incidents. Learn from your peers and how to implement changes that will benefit your agency!

Training & Working Group Opportunities

The PSBTA FirstNet Users Summit will provide applicable, hands-on training to FirstNet end users. Learn from industry experts and your fellow FirstNet users. Moreover, this is a prime opportunity to share your unique insights to help shape the future of how public safety communications can better serve you. Join one of our working groups and lend your voice for change!  

Federal Stimulus Funds & Grants Technical Assistance and Support at the Vision 2022 Summit

Grants are an excellent resource when seeking to fund a federally mandated or state/local/tribal project(s) that is without any other available funding source. As such, there are multiple grant sources that are available to assist with funding FirstNet projects.  These grants are made available to be a solution in funding and solving the evolving capability challenges in public safety, such as gaps in interoperable communications. They can help in meeting the costs of planning, training, exercise, and equipment, as well as additional personnel in some instances. Any State, Local, Tribal, or NGO can benefit from these grants when existing operational budgets are insufficient to meet the operational requirements of an agency and the needs of a community.  Attendees will receive an overview of federal grants programs, pertinent tips for developing a grant application, and how to seek technical assistance & support through All Things FirstNet federal grants expert.

Note: While grants funds may sometimes be used to attend training conferences, please confirm travel/training cost eligibility within the guidance of the grant program that you may intend to use for this purpose.

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Public Safety Broadband & Beyond

The Vision 2023 Summit is a FirstNet users conference with a mission to ensure every organization and person involved in safety, security, emergency and crisis response has the tools, technology, and knowledge that they need to keep themselves and their communities safe.

Remaining Agile
COVID has been a game changer. We're seeing what is going on in our communities across this country and we know it is stressful.  As we watch first responders and all medical service providers navigate the shifting landscape, our hearts go out to you for the challenges you face.  A conference is likely not a high priority for you right now, but all the same, we feel the information we are compiling for your benefit is so important that we're forging ahead with our planning and hopeful you will join us.

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As an association, we’re working hard to create an incredible experience for all FirstNet users and potential users at our PSBTA FirstNet Users Summit, this coming January. We understand, however, things can change in an instant. We want to instill the highest level of confidence that we are monitoring the changing COVID climate and adjusting all precautionary measures in accordance with the local health department directives. Times like these reinforce the fact that a deeper understanding of how FirstNet can help you better serve your community is critical. We’ll bring cutting-edge training opportunities, access to the service providers building a better network and ecosystem to serve you, grants technical assistance and support to assist you in identifying potential funding sources to fund your project(s), and the ability to have meaningful conversations about what you need as an agency, all in one convenient location.

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